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Any crypto projects pays listing fees. No matter how popular and well-traded the coin, any exchange charges a sufficient fee to make it available for trading on the platform. There have been cases when these fees were as high as the budget of a small state. Moreover, you never know if the coin will not be delisted from the exchange some day. Of course without paying back any listing fees.

We have already mentioned some advantages of Deex exchange listing. And today we will tell more about another way to get listed on Deex exchange – Deex Vote.

The power of decentralization is the power of community. A token with a strong community at the end of the day is strong and vital, because the community votes for their token both with money and real actions. And sometimes votes with a most transparent and fair voting tool – blockchain voting, which is a backbone of Deex Vote.

Deex Vote

The Deex ecosystem token is a universal tool for trading and paying for a wide variety of services. Therefore, the vote is made using the Deex token. By showing the value of the vote, we demonstrate the value of the token with which you can influence the really important events for future partners.

The voting process is simple, transparent, clear and takes up to 2 minutes. In order to become eligible for voting, you must have an account on the Deex Exchange or start a new one and deposit at least 22 Deex tokens. Each vote costs 10 deex (about 10 cents at the moment). You also need some small Deex amount to pay the transaction fee.

A couple of deex and a small balance must stay on the account to pay the commission

On the right side of the interface there is a list of candidates. These are the projects that we have selected ourselves, as well as those who have been proposed by the most active members of the Deex community.

Have you made your choice? Good! On the left side of the interface, enter your account ID and click “Start.”

The right part of the interface contains a list of candidates

After checking the account, the system will offer you to transfer 10 Deex to a specific address.

After checking your account, the system offers you to transfer 10 deex to a specified address

Do not forget that after you vote, there should be 11 tokens left on your account. Confirm your translation and return to the Voting page. Than join the Deex telegram chat and activate the bot in this messenger.

Do not forget that after you give your vote, 11 tokens should remain on your account

If you have previously been a member of our Telegram chat, this step will simply be skipped by the system. Any questions? Be sure to watch our video, which shows the voting process in detail

Why do we need a vote if the project core team must take care that their (and yours) token appears on the exchange ?! Believe me, they do it! But decentralized polls are not created to simplify their task. Voting is a chance and a great opportunity for everyone to prove that he is part of a huge ecosystem. By casting your vote, you will no longer just wait for the coin to appear on the exchange. When you are able to say “I put some efforts to make my project successfull” – is this not the best reward for anyone who believes in the power of the community and is ready to make decisions!

Vote now! Vote with confidence!

Do you want your token is listed on our exchange. Please contact us telegram chat.

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