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How to make money on cryptocurrencies if you do not trade and invest in IEO? Earn on 3-level DEEX referral program! Don’t miss the second Binance! Register now!

At the dawn of trade relations between humans one extremely intelligent entrepreneur came up with a brilliant idea. He distributed several baskets of his own production to the residents of a nearby village free of charge. Asking them only to tell about what master made it and where it can be found. After a couple of weeks at his door was already a line of those who wished to buy his goods. We don’t know how many baskets were sold then. It is only known that this technique was quickly adopted by other traders and quickly dispersed all around the world.

In the Internet era the “ancient” technologies got a second breath, transforming into what we now know as a “referral program”. Nobody gives baskets for free now, but the idea remained unchanged. And its quite possible to earn on this idea. Referral programs are an excellent alternative and addition to expensive advertising campaigns because direct marketing in the world of high competition often does not have the effect that project developers expect. Everyone sells the baskets now! So, where to go and what to do?! At the time, it was understood by such giants as PayPal, JCB Card, Diners Club and lower rank companies. They began to offer promotion actions to attract friends and acquaintances. What was offered in return?! Of course, a percentage from the payment! Now millions of people and thousands of companies around the world use programs to attract users. This symbiosis has become beneficial to all parties, so with the rise of cryptocurrencies, referral programs began to actively spread in projects that conduct ICO/IEO campaigns and develop blockchain solutions. By the way, the most famous centralized Binance crypto-exchange rose thanks to referrals!

There is a referral program on the decentralized Deex crypto exchange. With a transparent tracking and withdrawal system, simple and intuitive interface, unlimited opportunities to invite new traders and earning. Entering your personal account, you will see the “Referral program” tab. To connect to it and get the opportunity to use your own referral link you need to vote for the deex witness node in the blockchain. Do not be lazy to spend a few minutes of your time and watch the video telling about the Deex ecosystem and showing how quickly and simply the process of connecting to the referral program is.

What gives participation in the Deex referral program. Passive income with 3 levels of referrals with a differentiated accrual system. 10% of the payments of the first referrals and 5% from referrals of the second and third levels. Charges are made from all commissions paid by the participants that came by your link. Of course, you have now to ask yourself: how much I can earn on the referral program? As much as you want and can. There are no restrictions on the sources of attracting users. Social networks, blogs, forums… Use any resources! Earnings depend on you!

What gives participation in the Deex referral program

The advantages of the Deex Exchange referral program are the visibility of payments, an unlimited number of referrals, no fees for the use of the service. And of course, getting a reward in deex tokens, stable cryptocurrency which price will increase with the improvement of project’s functionality. And the referral program is one of our know-how, which is no longer on any decentralized trading platform.

The advantages of the Deex Exchange referral program are the visibility of payments

DEEX is the only right solution for trading and earning with cryptocurrencies. We have implemented two-factor authentication, stealth transactions and many other features that securely protect your funds that will never be available to a third party. DEEX is a truly reliable exchange that allows you to trade and make a profit with maximum convenience and security.

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