Blockchain games. The future of gaming industry begins today


Gaming industry existed long before the cryptocurrencies and blockchain. For several decades, a huge number of developers, publishers and ordinary gamers have formed a whole modern culture stratum, in which there was a place for a variety of genres and mechanics. With the rise of distributed ledger technologies, smart contracts and digital currencies, the industry has taken a new breath.

It has become a separate part of the crypto market, which has shown the world a new approach not only in terms of monetization, but also in interaction between users. A long dream of all gamers has finally realized – the game has begun to make a profit for themselves.

    The success blockchain games based on two main things:

  1. The inextricable connection between the game and gaming currency. Despite the fact that, for example, “adena” – the internal currency of Lineage – was a liquid good even outside the game, there were no simple “seamless” tools for its deposit/withdrawal as well as a solid infrastructure for its trading. Cryptocurrencies and crypto exchanges solved this problem;
  2. Transparent mechanisms that determine certain probabilities work primarily for gambling, but not only for them. Thanks to transparent and audited smart contracts, anyone can see how and why certain probabilities work.

The era of blockchain games has started with the Cryptokitties, a game in «digital collectibles» genre. In December 2017 this game, put down the Ethereum network and attracts more than 50,000 players daily. Since then, there have been hundreds of d’apps in very different genres, from the online casinos and sweepstakes to fantasy games with their own worlds.
Top d’apps collect thousands of users every day and their volumes count by millions of dollars.

But there is nothing problemless. When you try to go deeper into the topic of blockchain games, you’ll come across the materials described unscrupulous projects that do everything possible to attract as many players as possible not really caring about the quality of the projects and transparency of payment. Unfortunately, modern technology has become a hostage of greed. It is a pity because with the help of blockchain it is possible to create truly original and profitable projects.

To see this market’s prospects and stay away from the latest blockchain developments would be an inexcusable omission, so game projects have become an important activity for Deex, which is paid no less attention than exchange trading and creating unique services for users of the main decentralized ecosystem.

Hamsters or Dragons. You choose.

Within the Deex ecosystem our own framework for creating games is developed. It works on the fastest blockchain and provides a variety of opportunities for the integration of voting, betting and auction opportunities. Blockchain technologies have a lot of advantages, such as the speed of transactions, the ability to use specially configured smart contracts and automatic payments. We have already told about the Deex blockchain voting system. And today it’s time to talk about the “Hamsters vs. Dragons” game.

Within the Deex ecosystem our own framework for creating games is developed

The game rules are very simple and will be clear even to inexperienced users. Just three steps and the prize can be yours!

  1. Choose the team you want to join.
  2. Send at least 0.05 ETH to the smart contract address of the selected team.
  3. Take the reward after the round ends.

Bets for the team can be done not only in ETH but also in deex. For token holders it’s a great opportunity to increase the amount of digital assets. Players have the opportunity to increase the percentage of winning probability for the favorite team (but not more than on 80%) by sending tokens to the smart contract address. 100 deex tokens increase the chance of winning by 1%.

Bets for the team can be done not only in ETH but also in deex

For those who make bets with ETH will be useful to know that the last one who sends the transaction to the smart contract for one of the team, receives a Jackpot by the end of the game. ETH deposited for any team goes to the overall game bank. If the team you invested in ETH wins, the prize will be paid in ETH, if loses – in DEEX.

At the end of the round players receive a reward from the whole bank proportionally to their ETH deposits. For example, by investing 1 ETH in a team that has invested 10 ETH in the game i.e. 10%, if you win, you’ll receive 10% of the total game bank, and this amount can be much more than the amount invested by your team. If you lose, you will receive 10% of the bank in deex tokens. Detailed game rules can be found on the official website – Cryptodragons.

At the end of the round players receive a reward from the whole bank proportionally to their ETH deposits

For those who make bet with deex, it is important to know that only ERC-20 tokens are accepted. This restriction is introduced to ensure transparency and reliability of the betting system. The game uses a smart contract with the “REFUSAL OF OWNERSHIP” function. This means that no one can get access to the funds and can’t affect the autonomy of its work. To exchange bitshares-based tokens for ERC-20 asset Deex created a special service – Cryptoplat. There you can quickly convert funds and transfer tokens to a smart contract.

Detailed video instruction demonstrating the work of “Hamsters vs. Dragons” is available on our Youtube channel.

So, the bets are made, it remains only to wait for the end of the round receive your reward. Simple as abc! The one more thing you just need to do. Visit the official website regularly to bring your team to the glorious victory. It’s not so easy! The number of those who wants to get the jackpot becomes more and more every day. So, hurry up!

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