For just one week of IEO Cryptomat closed the third part of softcap’ amount


Ask any person who is just starting to use cryptocurrencies about the problems he faced up while trying to exchange real (fiat) money on digital currencies. We are sure that the top-5 of problems will include such a not obvious for experienced crypto-enthusiasts but very urgent for beginners task as a quick and safe deposit of funds to their digital crypto-wallet. And with the appearance of a new digital coins the situation only becomes more and more complicated.

Cryptomat is a software and hardware complex that can greatly facilitate the life of a simple cryptocurrency owner and save him from having to look for an opportunity to replenish his wallet safely and with minimal commission fees. Deex already allows you to deposit exchange’s accounts by purchasing tokens via bank cards, and Cryptomat is a logical and long-prepared to launch project that extends the capabilities of “crypto on the ground”.

The fact #1: between 2014 and 2019, the number of cryptocurrency terminals in the world increased from 4 to more than 4,000.

The IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) of the Cryptomat goes a little more than a week, but during this time a third part of the softcap’ (the amount necessary to run the necessary components of the project) amount was collected. For Cryptomat this amount is $30,000.

The IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) of the Cryptomat goes a little more than a week

There is no need to doubt in success of the project. Before the completion of the IEO-campaign is almost than three weeks left, and during this time it’s possible to collect the Hard Cap too ($100,000). The campaign ends on July 10, 2019.

Fact #2: at the time of writing this article, the amount in deex tokens is 11,243,372.66 DEEX

In addition to deex, the owners of a large number of digital assets traded on the Deex exchange have the opportunity to participate in this IEO. We accept ETH, BTC, LTC, DOGE, DASH, BCH, EOS, USD, GRIN, TRX, RUB, DEEX, BTS, NEM, ZEC, YANDEX, CNY, STEEM, KRM, PZM, MNC, CVN, XMR, FLOT.

The viability of any project depends on its creators. Cryptomat is the example of great symbiosis of developer’s experience and great ideas, that can become the main factors for success. Behind the Cryptomat’s ideological inspirers an extensive and very productive experience in the implementation of payment systems (CyberPlat, Qiwi, etc.). We will not disclose all the cards yet. In the near future, interviews with the team of project creators are planned.

Fact #3: with the Cryptomat terminals it will be possible to deposit the cell phone’s account, pay for the Internet providers’s services, make utility payments.

    So, what are the preferences of the Cryptomat’s IEO campaign, why investors should pay closest attention to it? Let us to answer these questions!

  1. The token comes into your wallet immediately after the purchase. No need to wait until the soft or hard will be collected.
  2. Fixed price. Yes, that’s it! No early or late investments, no frustration of “a week ago you could have taken 10 cents cheaper”. Throughout the duration of the campaign the price of cryptomat’s digital coin is $0.01. The total emission is 10,000,000. It should be enough for everyone, but we’re not fully sure!
  3. Immediately after receiving cryptomat’s tokens you can trade with them on the Deex Exchange
  4. There are no community promotion campaigns (bounty, airdrop). All tokens are immediately transferred to traders. Also, there is no reservated token for the team and advisers. Absolutely all unsold tokens will be burned after the end of this campaign. No pumps and dumps! Everything is in investors’s hands.

Fact #4: when you buy cryptomat coins with deex tokens, you get an additional bonus!

    The process of buying tokens is very simple. Just a few steps and you already own a share in the Cryptomat project.

  1. Log in to your Deex Exchange account and open the IEO tab.
    Log in to your Deex Exchange account and open the IEO tab
  2. There is also a currency calculator, so you can choose the asset which you will use to buy tokens. The minimum purchase amount is 10 tokens.

  3. Click the “Invest” button and confirm the transaction. That’s it?! Yes, you already have tokens, please check your exchange’s wallet.Click the invest button and confirm the transaction

The transparency guaranteed by the Deex IEO platform allows to see the whole crowdfunding process in real-time. Cryptomat’s account is located by the following address.

In conclusion, we want to pay your attention to 4 facts that we noted in the article. Putting them together, you will understand that investing in Cryptomat is one of the best investments that you can make in the near future. And of course, becoming the owner of the Cryptomat token you’ll become a co-owner of the project that can soon make life easier and bring profit not only to you, but also to everyone who wants to quickly and safely deposit crypto-wallets.

Great idea, isn’t it?! And the first step in its implementation you have already done with Deex.

P.S. On April 12, in the Day of Russia, we announced a series of 28 articles that reveal the potential of the main decentralized Deex ecosystem. 28 shades of green! Something that will allow the deex token to take new heights! And this is one of those articles. Stay in touch!

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