Deex Exchange alpha update has arrived


We are pleased to announce that we have completed the first phase of correcting the errors of the alpha release. In the current version, which is already available at, important changes have been made, which significantly improve the interaction of users who work with exchange functions.

The DEEX development team was able to correct two important problems that always occurred for all Bitshares users in all login interfaces. These problems were the basic problems for the core of the Bitshares web interface.

  • Fixed a bug of bitshares, associated with incorrect caching and inability to update
  • Fixed a bug of bitshares, associated with the incorrect operation of the settings section when switching to the Nodes menu
    The complete list of changes looks like this:

  1. Fixed slow upload error
  2. Fixed user login error
  3. Fixed registration error
  4. The phishing protection screen is displayed after registration
  5. The screen for saving the password after registration is displayed
  6. Made a mobile layout of the login
  7. The mobile layout of the welcome screen
  8. Mobile registration of the registration screen
  9. Replaced the icons of trading pairs DEEX
  10. Corrected the names of sections in the section “Top Markets”
  11. Fixed bug 404 for logins with a long name
  12. Fixed the layout of the bundle “lock + name + menu + balance”
  13. Fixed the size of the logo
  14. Added localization of new screens for texts from DEEX
  15. Fixed the size of headings in the exchange screen
  16. Fixed buttons on the exchange’ screen
  17. Fixed rendering of fonts on different platforms
  18. Cross-referenced login script
  19. Pixel Perfect screens for market and exchange
  20. Fixed a horizontal scroll when working with the exchange’ interface
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