A new update of DEEX Exchange’ functionality has been released. The following changes and improvements have been made:

  • fixed the connection to the browser’ database;
  • fixed bugs with authorization/registration;
  • added error exceptions;
  • performed the numeration of the tokens in the wallet;
  • solved the problem of white screen in the mobile version while blocking nodes by external services;
  • added user-friendly cryptocurrency and token names.

For many crypto traders who accustomed to trading on the centralized exchanges, the names with the gateway’ prefix, such as DEEX.ETH, DEEX,BTC, DEEX.DASH, etc were not comfortable for trading with. BTC, ETH, DASH… Now it’s all clear and transparent!

A new promising crypto asset from our friends from Malta which was previously called CRYPTOBEXCHANGE is now called as it should be – CBEX. By the way, currently there is a competition with this asset and trading activity is growing. Trade and win!

Optimization has had a positive impact on the overall performance of the exchange. Come in and make sure to write to tech support if you encounter any problems.

Децентрализованная криптобиржа


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