Deex update


The functionality of the DEEX EXCHANGE launched on 25 may, is constantly being improved. The first update was released almost immediately after the start, and today we are ready to present you another major update, which has been fixed a lot of bugs and added some great features that significantly improve user interaction with the exchange.

    So, here is the list of changes and fixes implemented in the updated version of

  • 1. New users receive 0.1 deex after the registration.
  • 2. Night theme added.
  • 3. Improved interface of the information panel (dashboard), in which “Deposit” and “Withdrawal” buttons was added.
  • 4. Improved layout for Firefox browser.
  • 5. Increased stability of the exchange, eliminated interface freezes while switching between markets and screens.
  • 6. The option to select/view the balance in the desired currency with a convenient switch.
  • 7. Improved the calendar to specify the expiration time of the order.
  • 8. Improved design and layout elements.
  • 9. The system login/logout and control of the user session.
  • 10. Fixed issues with withdraw/deposit window, that now became more convenient for copy data from these windows.
  • 11. Adaptation of the trading page (exchange) for wide screens monitors (aka “rubber layout”).
  • 12. The interface of the information (dashboard) panel displays the login of your currently active account.

We are sure, you will appreciate these innovations. And remind you that we are also waiting for your feedback about the new release. Very soon we will present our new beta-version of the exchange, so stay in touch and follow DEEX’ social networks and blogs

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