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Our crypto encyclopedia continues to be replenished with the materials dedicated to coins and tokens available for trading on the main decentralized Deex Exchange. Today we’ll tell you about Emercoin project.

The creators of this project work in the development of blockchain solutions since 2013 and have an extensive experience in the creation of dSDK (Decentralized Software Development Kit) – a set of tools for software development. Emercoin’s dSDK is successfully used in numerous innovative technical services.


The Emercoin blockchain has its own currency with the same (EMC) name. It is available for trading with any pair available on the Deex Exchange – DEEX/EMERTOKEN. From other service-oriented blockchains Emercoin differs because of it using of innovative data organization system. It allows services to use data without having to purchase an expensive disk space or use complex programming languages. Emercoin supports both traditional PoW mining and bitcoin-based co-mining whith the main PoS-mining mechanism. This guarantees a 6% annual revenue just for owning EMC coins. Emercoin’ blockchain solutions has already found application in the activities of many project’s partners. For example, in 2018, a democratic referendum in Macedonia was held using decentralized technologies and the Emercoin blockchain.

The project has already implemented many useful features used in a variety of business areas. But the team is not going to stop at the achieved results. So, the developers are planning to include several important developments within the next three years. With the help of Emercoin’s solutions will be able to significantly expand the boundaries of the blockchain space. You can follow the main events and learn about the news in the popular social network’s groups:

Emercoin’s Twitter page
Emercoin’s Facebook page
Telegram group


The owners of Emercoin’s digital currency who have accounts on the Deex Exchange, can use this asset not only to trade with any available pairs, but also to participate in the IEOs. For example, now you can become the owner of the tokens of one of the most promising Cryptomat project. To do this, follow the page of this IEO and use EMC to exchange them for CRYPTOMAT.


The cryptomat has already closed the softcap.

You can easily deposit your account on Deex Exchange with the EMC coin. All you need is to go to your wallet, select EMC in the list of available currencies and send the necessary amount to replenish your account to the address that you will receive after clicking the deposit option.

You can easily deposit your account on Deex Exchange with the EMC coin

All you need is to go to your wallet

Deex Exchange trading advantages

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