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Opening the tab with the digital assets available for trading on Deex Exchange you probably wondered what is this coin? Even for experienced traders it’s quite difficult to examine the variety of tokens. So, what’s to say about new users! For those who wants to know a little bit more we are opening a series of materials dedicated to projects and digital assets traded and used within the decentralized DEEX ecosystem.

Our first story is about the Karma project and its digital coin. Karma is the online service that allows private investors to loan entrepreneurs in just a few clicks. The project performs several important functions:

  • registration of loaners using the scoring system and electronic document management;
  • selection of borrowers at the expense of modern scoring system and independent experts;
  • monitoring the performance of loaner obligations;
  • routing payments through a nominal account;
  • collection of overdue debt.

Karma works with small and medium size business segments. These are growing profitable companies with a good financial position, working in the market not less than 2 years. Only 3-5% of the best requests pass the scoring. The selected requests are analyzed by independent experts. They also write a conclusion and assign a rating. Karma developers have not only major partners in the financial and banking sectors but also an active community, which anyone can join.

Telegram’ investors community
Informational Medium’s page
Facebook community

What is the KARMA (KRM) cryptocurrency?

Karma is a longstanding partner of DEEX. Traders of the main decentralized exchange should be familiar with both the KRM token and the developers of this unique project. Interview with Yuri Gugnin, the founder of Karma you can find on our Youtube channel.

The owners of KRM token can use their own wallet where all the necessary information about transactions, personal data and many other useful information is available.

The owners of KRM token can use their own wallet where all the necessary information about transactions

Karma is a longstanding partner of DEEX

You can trade KRM on Deex Exchange in any available exchange pairs. For example, in pair with deex – DEEX/KRM. It gives traders and token holders huge advantages over many centralized trading platforms because they are virtually unlimited in choice of assets and can trade with maximum efficiency.

Investing in KRM

KRM owners can also participate in IEO campaigns running on Deex Exchange. And they are actively use this opportunity. Thus, the Cryptomat project recently closed softcap, has already been able to attract 9182675.9 KRM. If you have KRM tokens and want to make an investment in one of the most promising IEO projects, you only need an account on Deex Exchange and not more than a minute of time.

Follow the page IEO page and proceed to the IEO token purchase window. In the next list select KRM and the number of CRYPTOMAT coins you want to purchase.

Follow the page IEO page

Transactions proceed instantly and new tokens come to the wallet immediately. You can trade them immediately after credited to your account in any available pairs.

In the future KRM digital coin will appear in the interface of real cryptomat devices and will be available for purchasing by all users with the help of the fastest and most convenient Cryptomat service.

Deposit in KRM

Just as easy to buy IEO tokens you can make a deposit from third-party exchanges or wallets. Follow your deex account, find the KRM asset and select the wallet icon to make a deposit.

Just as easy to buy IEO tokens you can make a deposit from third-party exchanges or wallets

In the next window you’ll see the address to deposit your account and a note (Memo) required to send funds correctly. Be sure to specify this Memo while funding your exchange account.

In the next window you’ll see the address to deposit your account and a note (Memo)

Due to the fast work of the gateway funds are deposited within a couple of minutes. Similarly proceed a withdrawal in KRM. The minimum deposit amount is 100 KRM. The minimum withdrawal amount is 100 KRM. Withdrawal fee is 50 KRM.

Digital DEEX.KRM asset.

Trading advantages of Deex Exchange

A large number of trading pairs is only a part of the benefits received by Karma traders. Speaking about investment opportunities, it remains only to note that the Deex Exchange is the most reliable and secure storage place for your digital funds. Two-factor (2FA) authorization, connected while creating account guarantees security when you work with the trading platform. Protection of user wallets is the most important goal that Deex solves with the help of the modern blockchain technologies.

DEEX offers only the most advanced technologies of protection. And you can be sure that DEEX can be trusted. We are not afraid of hackers and sanctions! We know how to save and multiply your funds. Minimum trading fees, multi-level referral program, high speed and many useful options. Choose the best – choose DEEX!

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