Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on a decentralized Deex Exchange


We propose your project to conduct Initial Exchange Offering (IEO). For today IEO is a new, popular and fast-growing way to finance your startup. IEO replaced the once popular Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

The main difference between IEOs and ICOs is that the issuer of the asset is not an unknown startup, but a working structure, an exchange that has already shown the stability of the work. IEO on the exchange immediately relieves the «headache» of all blockchain funders such as listing, placing the token on the exchange.

Download Deex IEO presentation >>>

We believe that today the startup needs to use all possible means to attract funding: venture financing, bank lending, crowdlending and crowdfunding on several sites.

What you’ll get?

    Today DEEX is more than 109 000 of traders and investors. This is an extensive target audience in social networks:

  • Telegram channel – 3000 subscribers
  • All telegram channels – 10 000 subscribers
  • Twitter – 4000 subscribers
  • YouTube channel – 7 500 subscribers
  • Facebook group – 5200 subscribers
  • VK group – 2800 subscribers
  • Blogs on Golos и Steemit, reddit, medium sites
  • More than 20 000 of investors are the subscribers of DEEX news mailing
  • About 25 000 of active traders
  • More than 110 000 of Deex token holders

All the above channels are used for sending news, press releases and informational materials about the project.

Investor’s personal account

In addition to crowdfunding within the DEEX exchange’s interface we provide you the “investor’s Personal account” service, which you can integrate on your website and into your interface. This service has a convenient interface, flexible management system, more than 200 cryptocurrencies, a multi-level referral program.

Omnichannel communication system

Constant communication with the community is the key to the successful crowdfunding campaign. We propose you a unique omnichannel communication system, which was tested on a large-scale DEEX ICO. You can see how it works:

How much is the IEO?

3000 USD at a time. You’ll get all the items that are listed above. 5% of the fees is also charged. If you pay a fixed part in DEEX tokens the 10% discount is provided. The variable part of the payment is made in the collected currencies.

In addition, we can provide such a service as airdrop and send your project’s coins to the most promising and active investors and traders. This will draw attention to the project and may stimulate trading activity. The cost of the event is 500 USD + you need to allocate the desired number of tokens for distribution.

    What else can we do?

  • Packaging of your project. It will include landing page, translated into several languages ( is the example), making promotional videos, writing a whitepaper, a study of financial models and tokenization of your project
  • 24-hour technical support, community management, SMM
  • Ensuring 24-hour of IT security for your project
  • Writing articles, SEO optimization, context advertising
  • Placement and configuration of advertising materials in CPA networks
  • Marketing and PR in leading blockchain media

What you will never get?

Golden mountains. Absolutely, not. Some founders of crypto projects mistakenly believe that the IEO on the crypto exchange means success and guarantees revenues. Centralized cryptocurrency exchanges (crypto-forex kitchen) show self-painted picture with excessive fees just to awake in the average crypto-investor the FOMO feeling. If you have a good project, you invest in marketing and PR, you have a product and desire to build a business – then all turns to good. We will help you with this!

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