Deex Marketplace 0.1, pre alpha

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DEEX is not only the best decentralized crypto exchange, but the whole blockchain ecosystem. We have already completed all the technical and blockchain services development and now it’s time to make new products and services! Let’s do it together!

After all, the power of community is the main thing in blockchain and crypto projects! So, let’s deex it!

The long-term DEEX ideology is similar to the ideas of project financing and is to follow the original ideology laid down the cryptocurrency and blockchain market such as an exchange of p2p values, goods, services without intermediaries and without transaction costs associated with fiat money payment.

At the zero stage of development of the decentralized DEEX marketplace project the whole system will work in semi-manual mode. Further, the sales system through the DEEX marketplace will be automated.

What does the placement of goods and services on deex marketplace give?

We make an article about your products, services and your online store in our blog and distribute it in all our news and social channels. The coverage of our social networks, telegram chats, e-mail newsletter is more than 50 000 of active crypto enthusiasts! We place your products in, do posts in a special Telegram channel.

You don’t need to maintain your website or online store. We did everything for you! First, is the placement on, then placement directly in the Deex interface. Further, we’ll give you our online designer of online stores and landing pages integrated into the Deex ecosystem, help in Internet promotion, optimize your products pages in terms of SEO optimization.

How much does the placement on deex marketplace cost

To register your store on the marketplace you need to transfer to the deex-marketplace account 1000 deex from your account.

It’s the only payment you need to make. Then your store in our ecosystem will always be ON! Deex-marketplace account will invoice you via deex-invocing system. Next, a variable part of the payment is charged in the amount of 100 deex per unit of goods at a time and 3% of the amount of your turnover is taken as a commission fee within the Deex marketplace.
This rate is individual and agreed with each partner accordingly to the marginality of the goods.

What’s next?

We are working on a decentralized marketplace to include it directly into the exchange’ interface. It will be possible to pay with all cryptocurrencies and tokens, which are present on our crypto exchange. There will be an automatic conversion of cryptocurrencies and tokens into fiat funds, USDT dollars (Tether USD) and ruble stablecoin, such as QIWI and A secure transaction system and escrow will be implemented. So, both buyer and seller will be safe while making transaction. A full-fledged merchant will be created for integration into external online stores. Deex crypto processing will be integrated into the best automation and management systems of online stores, integration with content management systems, shopping baskets of online stores. Also, there will be the integrated online designer of online stores for merchants, with all payment methods and multi-level referral program.

Send the description of your products to and also in our telegram account.

We already have the first product to buy in Deex marketplace! Subscribe to the best mining profit calculator! Read about this project in this article >>>.

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