Russia legalizes cryptocurrencies. We’re ready

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In September 2019, in Moscow, the owner of the “Valenok” restaurant won the court against the prosecutor office, which opened a case on an administrative offense in 2017 based on the fact of payment by one of the visitors with digital currency. On the side of the restaurant stood the Russian tax service, which did not see in this incident any illegal actions.

The thing is that cryptocurrencies are not the monetary equivalent of any particular country, therefore their use does not violate the law on the illegality of using other countries’ money for payment in Russian Federation.

It’s possible that such a decision will affect public policy related to digital assets, which will make them another way of payment. It’s obvious that this will not happen tomorrow and therefore you still have time to prepare and apply right now for exhibiting your products on Deex marketplace. A decentralized platform where you can buy and sell almost any goods with the help of a convenient and fast cryptocurrency invoicing system is already working and will soon be introduced into the interface of the Deex Exchange. To learn how it works, read our article.

Developing the Deex ecosystem, we rely on services that could be used by all owners of cryptocurrencies, regardless of whether they have experience of trading on the exchanges. Marketplace is a great opportunity to open your own secure business and earn cryptocurrency. And we have no doubt that very soon it will be useful to you.

Децентрализованная криптобиржа


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