$1 000 worth giveaway for the ATM day


Happy ATM day, dear Deexers. Yes, in 1967 on June 27 the first ATM has appeared in Barclay’s bank. Although it was nothing more than a chocolate vending machine that gave out cash instead of chocolates, the device gave birth to a huge network of ATMs worldwide. Today there are almost 4 mln ATMs in the world and among the most disruptive ones are the Bitcoin ATMs that allow users to purchase crypto “on the ground”.

Deex Ecosystem strongly believes in the idea of Bitcoin ATM and has launched an IEO for the Cryptomat – a unique software-hardware system allowing to launch self-service devices to exchange fiat and digital assets. The project has already reached one third of its softcap. To celebrate the ATM day, Deex announces a giveaway!

The one who makes the 5 000-th transaction within the Cryptomat pre-IEO will get 100 000 CRYPTOMAT tokens. At the moment this is worth $1 000. However if you also believe in the idea of Bitcoin ATM, you know, it’s worth much more!

Good luck! May be it’s your transaction will be the 5 000-th.

Децентрализованная криптобиржа


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