It’s not Azino with three axes! This is 888, the infinite gambling earnings

888tron, blockchain casino, tron casino

The price of deex token is growing, trading volumes are increasing, tothemoon has already begun! And today we are pleased to inform you about two important events, after which the life of deex traders will not be the same. First is listing of the 888 token, already available for trading to all Deex Exchange’ traders. Second is the launch of an affiliate gaming platform.

This is a partnership project that we are launching for the active Turkish gaming community. The referral program used in this project allows us to earn and share income from the system with the Deex gaming community.

Is it a coincidence that we tell about these events in one announcement? Of course not! The gaming platform was launched in early 2019. It is a fully decentralized system built on the smart contracts of the TRON blockchain. The game takes place anonymously directly from the user’s crypto wallet without any deposits and the need to exchange funds for the internal site’s currency. The platform set a record among DApp applications in terms of payments amounts. Dividend payments reached more than 250m TRX or more than $5.8M. Smart contracts of the platform 888 and the TRON blockchain showed stable operation without failures and errors. You can play on the site with the help of TRX and 888 currencies. And soon with the deex coin as well!

888 token is traded on all exchanges based on TRON blockchain. Users of Deex Exchange can buy and sell it in all available pairs. In the near future we will introduce you in detail with 888TRON platform and tell about the planned promotion actions in which you can get great prizes. In the meantime, please see how easily and quickly you can buy tokens 888 and TRX on the Deex Exchange.


Sign up for Deex Exchange or login in to your existing account! To register, follow the and click the “Join” button.

888tron, blockchain casino, tron casino

Be sure to read the message describing the possible models of registration. Select the appropriate one and proceed to the next step. We will show the registration process on the example of the “Cloud” model. Select an account name, enter a valid e-mail address, and save the password generated by the system.

ATTENTION! Be sure to keep your password in a safe place, which no third parties have access to. In a decentralized blockchain there is no possibility of password recovery, so lost password means lost funds.

888tron, blockchain casino, tron casino

888tron, blockchain casino, tron casino


Now you can make a deposit and proceed to purchase TRX and 888 tokens. Log in to your wallet and select the “Deposit” option (Wallet icon) next to the currency that will be used for the Deposit. If you make a deposit using TRX, copy the wallet address on the right side of the screen and send it the desired number of TRX or 888 tokens.

888tron, blockchain casino, tron casino

888tron, blockchain casino, tron casino

The minimum deposit amount for TRON is 500 TRX, for 888 is 10 888 tokens.

If you want to buy buy tokens for the currency you have on the exchange, select the “Trade” option for the traded asset in the wallet and go to the trading interface.

The process of buying 888 tokens for DEEX is described below.


888tron, blockchain casino, tron casino

  1. token price in the current trading pair
  2. the amount of selected currency for selling
  3. the amount of selected currency you will receive after purchase

DEEX offers traders only the most advanced technologies of protection and earning. And you can be sure that DEEX can be trusted. We are not afraid of hackers and sanctions! We know how to save and increase your funds. Minimum trading commissions, multi-level referral program, high speed and many useful options.

Choose the best – choose DEEX!

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