Artex – blockchain in art


Blockchain allows to implement projects, which functionality easily integrates the creative ideas of developers with the power and flexibility of distributed registry systems. The symbiosis of creativity and technology is exactly what makes unique developments popular, bringing real benefits not only to ordinary people, but to the entire blocchain community. This is exactly the Artex Global project, which partnership withdecentralized DEEX ecosystem we are happy to announce on July 12 – the international photographer day.

Project’ developers plan to solve the main problem of the art market: together with leading representatives of the art community create an open registry of art works based on blockchain technology, where all information about transactions, exhibitions, publications will be displayed. Those who wish to purchase a work of art will be able to obtain reliable information about the author, the owner and the managing gallery using mobile application, find out the price index and the location of the work of art.Within this cooperation DEEX exchange will list the Artex (ARX) token on the online trading platform with more than 15,000 active traders. ART Token is the main means of payment within experts’ work and services of the Escrow service and perform many other actions. We just want to remind you that this January Kodak company announced the launch of a blockchain platform to protect the copyright of photographers by creating an encrypted digital registry, which will store licenses for the uploaded work. This news led to a rapid growth of the company’s shares.Expansion of the exchange’ functionality is the most important condition for realizing the potential of the DEEX project. We are sure that the token of such a unique project can become another tool for successful trading and we advise you to pay close attention to it.

Video interview with CEO of Artex Global, Vladimir Povshenko, see on our Youtube channel

Децентрализованная криптобиржа


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