DEEX on a Blockchain Leadership Summit

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On November 23-24, the Blockchain Leadership Summit conference will be held in Basel, Switzerland. The main goal of the event’ organizers is to bring together leading developers, investors and blockchain technology experts to discuss the latest trends, processes and mechanics of interaction between industries and the digital world. In addition to well-known companies, the summit will be attended by market newcomers, and the total number of participants in the Blockchain Leadership Summit will exceed 2,500 attendees.

DEEX representatives will also participate in this summit, present the project of the main decentralized ecosystem on specialized panels and communicate with potential partners. Such events are a great way to tell about the project and find those with whom we can go forward – to a decentralized future. The results of the conference will be described in our traditional report. Now you can see the program of Blockchain Leadership Summit, available on the official website.

Децентрализованная криптобиржа
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