Blockchain+ stealth = a blockchain not for everyone to see…


Of course, the blockchain technology has many practical use-cases, a big potential which is still to be explored and unveiling new horizons of which may change the world we know once and for all. It is very possible that “further 10 years” will pass and there won’t be any theaters, newspapers, books, television… not even the internet (in its familiar form as internet of information), it will be replaced with Internet of Things – the world where everything has price and people without any intermediaries could exchange, give, unite their values between themselves. Blockchain as a mechanism of accounting of these global values may be that backbone of this decentralized future we are facing.

How this world would look like is hard to say – a lot of topics to speculate on. There is a great variety of options – some will be delighted by the possibilities, for the others – vice-versa. Decent lawful citizens, perhaps, wouldnt be bothered about corruption (everything is transparent and visible and if something wrong happens – felons would be punished as blockchain makes it possible to rewind the story back and prove one’s guilt or innocence), the head of each government would be fairly elected, new corporations could manage their resources more efficiently, people in creative work field would be able to reach their full potential and economists-institutionalists would be very pleased that transaction costs go to zero… or would think of a new Coase theorem.

To good to be true?


Only life can tell…

I would venture that the most favorable world development would involve complete harmony between “technological” and “human”. When even somewhat simple action of making a pleasant gift becomes non-trivial task in the world of “global blockchain”, when every curious could trace every transaction and take advantage of it. Transparency is reasonable only untill a certain boundary!

Something tells me that people in the future would certainly take all this into account and would make correct conclusions.

Why should we wait for the future but not take action right now? Create and try today… why would not we make on “our side” of blockchain something that was not attained by others? I am talking about convenient and effective Stealth-transactions on Bitshares 2.0 (Graphene). All by themselves Stealth-transactions (hidden and invisible for other people) are already known to exist on other blockchains, however on Bitshares they were not fully and successfully integrated (a couple of projects tried to implement the new technology, so far the most famous one dramatically decreased in price and stealth possibility of bitshares is not fulfilled). This is not a mystery, but simply a pattern. The Bitshares Blockchain has a lot of advantages, but creating highly efficient developments on is not that simple and only professional development team can cope with such a difficulty, the one we have in DEEX Exchange (DEEX).

After successful integration of 2FA security systems on DEEX (for the first time on decentralized exchanges). Now it is time to think about “internal security” and peace of all clients who desire to save privacy over their actions. Stealth-transactions are very convenient when there is a necessity to transfer the funds between the accounts (for others not to know the name of receiver, type of cryptocurrency and their quantity), and also could be useful when trader doesn’t want to disclose his trading strategy.

It is definitely worth to acknowledge that the cost of Stealth-transactions are 10 times higher than average ones, however a variety of examples could be provided when they are essential and potential risk and benefits are not even closely comparable with spent commission. The technical advantages of using Stealth-transactions from DEEX are integration of the technology into interface of the exchange and intuitively easy algorithm of application.

In comparison with “private” developments of certain enthusiasts, users of DEEX Exchange receive proven and guaranteed service in which they wont have any doubts and in case of any difficulty, tech support team of DEEX is always there to help.

On the current moment functionality of Stealth-transactions is not integrated into DEEX interface, yet. All constructive proposals and desires from the DEEX community will be accounted for.

Децентрализованная криптобиржа


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