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We have some great news for all traders and deex owners. As expected, the latest update has become a harbinger of tothemoon. Not such a global one but confident movement of price towards the stars took place. DEEX shows a steady grow for two weeks in a row. Within this its price doubled! All this is happening with growing trading volume. This is clearly evidenced by the most impartial witnesses – exchange’s charts.

Buy Deex and get ready to conquer new horizons! About the features of the updated functionality read in our release.

Buy Deex and get ready to conquer new horizons!

Start of mobile application testing is another considerable event. Users of Android devices can already join this program and trade with their smartphones. The speed and functionality of Deex Exchange mobile application allows you to trade in convenient and profitable way. Do you want to become one of the first to try out the app? Click here!

For those who invested in the TECO project we have launched a refunding campaign. It will be completed in two stages. The first has already begun and you can read about it by clicking on the link.

We all know that listing and placing a token on the exchange can be a very costly and time-consuming process. Deex implements a transparent blockchain voting system for those who want the project’s digital coins to be listed on the exchange. And it can be done much faster and cheaper than you think. All you need is the community support and a little time to read this article.

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