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Dear Deex Holders!

We are glad to share with you, our best traders and owners of the deex token, some important news that happened in the life of the main decentralized Deex ecosystem.

We have updated our main information resource –, making it more attractive both from outside and inside. Now from our blog you can not only learn about the main events of the crypto world but also read useful analytical materials. For example, you can learn about the launch of the IEO platform and the first project available for investment, as well as watch a video that shows how to make an investment in TECO project.

Popular Youtube “The Rocket” blogger posted on an overview of the Deex ecosystem. This video demonstrates the advantages of Deex over centralized exchanges and tells about the main advantages of our project.

Text version of this review is available here.

For the users of Yandex.Money payment system we’ve made a new instruction showing how make fast replenishment and withdrawal using this.

Deex continues to grow globaly. In order to make it easier for our new users to learn about the project, we have prepared videos:


Korean languages, as well as the translation of the information resource in the Latvian language.

Stay in touch and follow the news.

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