Deex Exchange has become a sponsor of IEO meetup. Welcome to Decentralized IEO with DEEX!


On 12th of April, in Moscow hosted a meetup dedicated to the IEO crowdfunding campaigns. Deex Exchange became not only the sponsor of this event, but also the only decentralized trading platform that presented its own platform for IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) to the guests and participants of the meetup and told why Deex is an ideal choice for projects selling tokens and attracting an audience.

Holding an IEO on a decentralized Deex Exchange trading platform gives projects a number of undoubted advantages

Holding an IEO on a decentralized Deex Exchange trading platform gives projects a number of undoubted advantages. The first is the absolute transparency of fees when selling tokens to users of the main decentralized trading platform. All operations carried out in the blockchain are absolutely transparent and visible to all participants. No unauthorized sales and pumps!

Another important advantage of IEO conducting on Deex Exchange is the conditions that we provide to our partners. The projects that launch IEO on the platform define the main parameters of the campaign by themselve, getting a convenient and reliable tool for its implementation from our side.

Community is the main force of any project! We know this for sure, and by providing our partners with a IEO platform, we actively conduct informational campaigns to attract traders, which deex has more than 100 000.

About this and many other things you learn from the presentation which the representatives of Deex performed in Moscow city. You can download it here

We would like to thank the organizers of this event and everyone who found time and came to talk about themselves and learn about the opportunities provided by the Deex Exchange. We are sure that we will get together again and again to talk about our UPS and downs, to get acquainted with new projects and just to remind a friend that only together we can go forward and solve the most difficult problems.

Decentralized IEO will live

Decentralized IEO will live! If you want to learn more, offer your token and become a partner of the decentralized Deex ecosystem, email us at

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