DEEX and Blockchain Projects BV partnership


On February 21st, 2018, in Geneva, representatives of the main decentralized DEEX ecosystem took part in Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Switzerland. DEEX is the general sponsor and partner of a series of international conferences dedicated to the development of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. The event was attended by industry leaders, developers of promising start-ups and already successfully implemented projects.

With the DEEX assistance, representatives of Blockchain Projects BV — the CEO of the company, Mrs. Annemieke Dirkes, as well as CTO of the company — Doctor of Technical Sciences, Mr. Fabian Schuh — performed on the same stage together with DEEX CEO — Vladislav Sapozhnikov. Blockchain Projects BV is the principal and sole executor of the assignments and tasks of the Bitshares Blockchain Foundation, which is the foundation and basis of the entire BitShares community.

The joint presentation was a partnership of the parties, which opens great prospects for all those who involved in the development and promotion of the BitShares blockchain ecosystem.

“Partnership with Blockchain Projects BV is an important stage in the development of DEEX and we are confident that the technical knowledge, connections and impeccable reputation of our partners, coupled with the organizational capabilities and potential of DEEX, will give strong impulse to the powerful development of the whole BitShares community and increase interest of the audience and expansion of the users base, “- said after the conference DEEX CEO — Vladislav Sapozhnikov.

The (Stichting) BitShares Blockchain Foundation is a non-profit organization registered in Deventer, Netherlands. It is operational since June 2016 and has been preparing industries behind the scenes ever since. The Foundation’s mission is to promote, advocate and grow the BitShares ecosystem to its full potential.

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