DEEX and HONEYPOD cooperation


We are happy to announce partnership between Deex Exchange and Honeypod, LLC company. Honeypod is a developer of a unique device that brings Internet surfing to a new level of anonymity and security. Using Honeypod you can be sure that no one can steal your private data and you’ll be protected anytime and anywhere you are using world wide web.

DEEX trading platform is a modern decentralized crypto exchange providing its users with the most comfortable and profitable trading functionality. We use a unique mechanisms, allowing our users to be safe in terms of funds keeping. Honeypod (HNY) token will be the great opportunity for traders to get profit using it in sell/buy operations.

Together with Deex and Honeypod you’ll be protected both in Internet and on the exchange. Recently, we’ve made an interview with CEO of Honeypod, you can check it via this link

Buy Honeypod now! 

Deex Exchange site

Honeypod site 

Децентрализованная криптобиржа


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