DEEX and XBTS. The whole new universe of decentralized trading


A partnership of two technologically similar projects is always an important event. For us it’s also important because it gives the opportunity to expand the boundaries of decentralized ecosystems and provide users with the best functionality and the best opportunities for profitable cryptocurrency trading. Recently we connected the project BEOS from the “Godfather” of BitShares and today we connect another promising project – XBTS.

Therefore, today Deex is happy to announce partnership with the XBTS Exchange. Listing of STH and DEEX core assets is certainly one of the main components of our mutual cooperation. And now users of both blockchain platforms can trade with the XBTS and DEEX.

DEEX and XBTS are financial systems based on the same blockchain and they provide truly revolutionary blockchain solutions, an unprecedented level of security and reliability of funds holding, the ability of any2any trading, high liquidity and transparency of exchange operations. Approaching the future is not easy, but it is even more difficult to stay on the edge of progress and to know that only a small step is enough to achieve the big goal. This is the step we take today, together! Join us!

Trading has already begun

Deex. For Everyone. Everything. Everywhere.

Децентрализованная криптобиржа


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