DEEX creative art


The launch of the alpha version of deex exchange has aroused the interest of the cryptocurrency community all over the world. We received a lot of feedback and suggestions about sistem’s fixes and some of them have already been implemented in a recent update.

But besides wishes and questions, we also received a lot of creative materials from our Turkish friends, in which they were able to realize their vision of the basic concept of DEEX: for everyone, everything, everywhere. The initiative of our Turkish community was accepted with optimism and supported by the administration and leadership of deex.

After reviewing all the submitted works, we decided to award the most successful of them. So, we present you the winners who were selected as a result of voting within the development team.

  • 1 place (1000 tokens) – @bymert
  • 2nd place (500 tokens) – @basarakar
  • 3rd place (300 tokens) – @mertss

The rest of the participants who sent us their work receive 100 tokens each.

Децентрализованная криптобиржа


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