Deex Exchange and Cryptoindex QUIZ


Cryptoindex, Deex Exchange and teams are happy to announce…Super QUIZ! Do you have Google search skills? Let’s see…

Firstly, you should subscribe on Cryptoindex (Telegram and Facebook) and Deex Exchange (Telegram and Facebook). You need to have an account on Deex Exchange. If you haven’t got one yet, please check out the following video tutorial and create it on

And that’s all you need to start…

Prize pool consists of 10000 deex and 10000 BC tokens. From all the participants we’ll choose 25 winners who receive 400 of both tokens. All participants must fill this Google form with answers and write their exchange login there. Winners will be determined by the Random Number Generator.

Quiz will last from March 18 till April 15, 2019.

So, you have a lot of time to prove you’re the most clever one!

Децентрализованная криптобиржа


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