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Deex Exchange has listed the BEOS project token took place. One of the inspirers and developers of this is Stan Larimer, known as the “Godfather” of Bitshares. Deex has become one of the first Bitshares exchanges to list this coin. Soon we’re planning to make a mutually PR and promotion actions with the BEOS community.

Deex ecosystem offers its partners not only a convenient and reliable tool for profitable cryptocurrency trading. One of the most promising areas of blockchain application is invoicing, a payment system that provides fast and secure payment for a variety of goods and services using digital currencies. If you are looking for a payment solution to develop your business, be sure to read our new material.

Gaming industry is another area where DEEX development has been applied. For several decades many developers, publishers and ordinary gamers have formed a whole stratum of modern culture, in which there was a place for a variety of genres and mechanics. With the advent of distributed Ledger technologies, smart contracts and digital currencies, the industry has taken a new breath. Read about our achievements in this area.

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