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On the eve of the marketing campaign’ launch and promotion of Deex Exchange in Asian and European crypto markets CEO of the main decentralized ecosystem gave an interview to the Newconomy media portal, in which he spoke about the main achievements of the Deex project and shared plans for further development. Read more

Held a listing of new KRWQ and USDQ stablecoins that attached to real currencies (Korean won and US dollar). They are already available for trading to all Deex Exchange’s traders. Decentralized KRWQ and USDQ stablecoins use algorithms that provide a high level of stability and transaction’s reliability. Read more

Recently Deex launched a platform for OTC trading. The OTC platform is fully decentralized and based on Ethereum smart contracts. So by now it is possible to purchase or sell only this cryptocurrency. The security of transactions is also provided by the operation of smart contracts of the Ethereum network. Maya Hess, the head of the Deex cryptofund tells about the capabilities, features and benefits of OTC in the educational webinar. Read more

We remind you that our official blog is not only the main source of information and news about the Deex Exchange project, but also a source of relevant and useful information about cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Come in and read! And of course, stay in touch – there are even more interesting and important events are ahead!

Децентрализованная криптобиржа


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