DEEX EXCHANGE on a conference in Philippines


January 25th, 2018 DEEX opened its global road show and participated as a general sponsor in the blockchain conference that took place in Manila, Philippines. What caused people to fly thousands of miles and gather on a small island in the Indian Ocean?

Hundreds of millions of dollars! This is how much citizens of China, Japan, India and other smaller countries put into digital crypto assets. Cryptocurrency systems are now experiencing a real boom of attention around the world. There are large cryptocurrency regions, which in fact are separate “capitals” of the blockchain space, living according to their own laws.

One of these regions is Asia. And a separate place in this multimillion turnover will soon be occupied by the Philippines. But what is the connection between the crypto world and the country which is the supplier of cheap labor for Europe, America and other economically developed regions? Philippines citizens make a huge number of financial remittances to their homeland every day from all over the world. And this turnover of remittances is the largest in the world.

But the rules of most services are such that their users are forced to pay fees for making transactions and need to wait for the receipt of funds for a long time. For example, if you transfer the maximum possible amount of $ 5,000 through the Western Union you need to pay about $ 200 commission. And what if you need to transfer a significant amount of money?!

In such conditions people begin to look for the most suitable options and services. And such services of course become cryptocurrencies and the DEEX ecosystem. Our functionality will significantly reduce the time of transfers because we use the fastest blockchain system Bitshares with minimal commissions for the transactions. The ability to create custom bitassets in the DEEX on the basis of BitShares, stable coin tied to the fiat in particular can solve the problem of speed, transparency and stability of remittances.

What makes the Philippines such an attractive region for DEEX? Unlike many countries the Philippines government positively regards the implementation of cryptocurrency systems, encourages their use and gives “green light” to the projects which can organize a fast and reliable functionality for the exchange and conduct of cryptocurrencies transactions.

That is why DEEX will actively establish patnership links with the crypto community of Philippines and implement the system in this small but strategically important region. The first steps direction were made during the Blockchain&Bitcoin Conference in Manila.

  • DEEX held an effective presentation, which attracted a lot of positive attention to the company.
  • Local crypto currency exchangers relations were established.
  • DEEX has been recognized in the local community by crypto enthusiasts and this connection is maintained and developed.
  • Personal contact with potential investors were established.
  • Agreements on listing of tokens of promising projects within the framework of DEEX were reached.
  • And most importantly is that we found an ambassador – the PINOYLOADS company. This company is engaged in replenishment of accounts for cellular operators and also processing of remittances.

The company has a large number of payment agents and users. The customer base of PINOYLOADS customers will attract additional liquidity to the DEEX ecosystem.

The quality of the blockchain event in Manila we estimate as a very high. Of course the event did not have such a scale as a similar conference in Moscow in November 2017 (where DEEX took part as well) but the presence of interested investors from the Philippines, China, Thailand and other countries allows us to consider it as a very successful. The DEEX speech was one of the longest, and most importantly is that it sparked a lively discussion… there was no end of questions!

During this event the CEO of DEEX gave several interviews to representatives of the local press. The event was attended by a professional photographer so please, await a photo and video report from the event very soon.

The next event will be held in St. Petersburg on February 13th, 2018 – and DEEX is also its general sponsor.

DEEX ICO is currently active and will last until the end of February 2018.

Become part of a decentralized future together with a team of DEEX professionals!


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