DEEX Exchange video content competition


DEEX announces a contest of the best videos dedicated to the project. It can be both author’s works in which your creative abilities will be shown and training materials related to the work with exchange’ functionality. The format of these works is limited only by your imagination. You can create videos in any language.

To participate in this competition you need to upload your video to any video hosting and send a link to the email address with the “Video Contest” theme. The video must be in the public domain and contain the following hashtags in the description: #deex #cryptocurrency #crypto #cryptoexchange #graphene #dex #bitshares #cryptocurrency #crypto exchange #blockchain.

In the description of the video must also be a reference to

Competition entries are accepted in two categories: animation/music videos and training videos. Preference in the category of training videos will be given to videos that tell about the features of DEEX: two-factor authentication, low fees, etc. 5 most interesting and useful works will be selected in each category. The contest will last from 26th of October 2018 till 27th of January 2019. Best videos will be posted on our official Youtube channel. The winner will be chosen by the DEEX community by open voting.

    And now the main thing! Awards to winners in both categories will be distributed as follows:

  • 1st place – $ 1000 in the equivalent of deex tokens.
  • 2nd place – $ 700 in the equivalent of deex tokens.
  • 3rd place – $ 500 in the equivalent of deex tokens.
  • 4th place – $ 300 in the equivalent of deex tokens.
  • 5th place – $ 100 in the equivalent of deex tokens.

We have also prepared several consolation prizes, which will be given to 5 more participants, who will not get in the top 5, but whose works will become favorites between the development team members.

Ready to show your creativity?! Let’s do it!

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