DEEX ICO is completed


On February 28th, one of the main stages in the development of the DEEX ecosystem was completed. The ICO of the main decentralized ecosystem successfully reached its goal and closed the hardcap, accumulating 11,623.00 ETH. Any ICO is built not only on the technologies and functionality incorporated in the project. Trust is one of the main components of success! We highly appreciate your confidence and will do our best to make DEEX a profit-making mechanism, regardless of the funds invested.

DEEX investors were not only crypto-enthusiasts, but also traders with an extensive experience in conducting of cryptocurrency operations. This once again convinced us that the DEEX decentralized ecosystem project will become a reliable and convenient tool for all, regardless of the experience and skills in trading and exchange of crypto assets.

During the ICO DEEX representatives successfully participated in many international conferences, where they talked about the project and its advantages. We managed to attract attention not only to DEEX, but also to show that decentralized systems are the locomotive driving the entire digital economy.

But the rapid completion of the ICO coincided with the onset of calendar spring — another event that surely fills your heart with happines. Spring is a time of change and renewal. Updates of plans, ideas and aspirations. Therefore, we want to congratulate you with this remarkable event as well. Renewal and implementation of DEEX functionality has already begun and soon we will start implementing global plans and translating ideas that direct the entire cryptocurrency world to the new heights. In the near future the Alpha version of the exchange and a mobile application will be launched. Follow the news!

Thanks again, friends!

Let’s deex it!

Децентрализованная криптобиржа


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