Deex is now live on Delta Direct


We want to please you with another great event! DEEX is now connected to Delta Direct informational and analytical service system. Delta application is very popular among traders and crypto-enthusiasts around the world, providing them with the latest and detailed information about favorite tokens and trading platforms.

Delta Direct is a reliable bridge between developers of blockchain projects with potential investors, traders and crypto-community anywhere in the world. With this service you can monitor the price changes of the deex token, conduct trading activity, connect signals for making profitable deals and just stay up to date with the latest news. The project has more than 750K active users who will now be able to receive information directly in their phone via special notifications. And now we open the door to Deex for this huge audience! In addition to the news in the Delta app updates will be available in the official Delta Direct Twitter account

Connecting Deex to Delta Direct has become available with the help of our great community! It is you who voted and continue to vote for the connection of Deex to various useful services! Our community is an integral part of the team working to improve the main decentralized ecosystem. Currently we are negotiating with the Blockfolio and other trackers about adding Deex there as well. We are sure that with your support we will be able to appear in the lists of the most popular information and analytical crypto platforms!

Download the Delta Direct app in the AppStore app stores and Google Play and stay connected. Always and everywhere!

Децентрализованная криптобиржа


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