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Opening the tab with the digital assets available for trading on Deex Exchange you probably wondered what is this coin? Even for experienced traders it’s quite difficult to examine the variety of tokens. So, what’s to say about new users! For those who wants to know a little bit more we are opening a series of materials dedicated to projects and digital assets traded and used within the decentralized DEEX ecosystem.

Another token and project we want to tell about to the Deex Exchange users is BEOS. The creator and inspirer of BEOS is the “Godfather” of Bitshares – Stan Larimer. What the development team is preparing for us and why the digital revolution begins with BEOS, read here.

Stablecoins enter into the cryptocurrency industry. The main advantages of these coins have already been able to appreciate millions of users around the world. In this article we review the main trends in the development of the main stablecoins and introduce you to the latest analytics of 2019.

Deex Exchange launches trading with new digital currency – MERLIN COIN. It’s the main coin of Merlin’s Money Tree’ project. This exciting game will take you to a fantasy world where gamers have to grow trees and get a real reward for it buying magic acorns. Each money tree planted and grown by the user brings an income in the form of virtual coins that have a real value.

The most pleasant thing we leave in the end. Therefore, the final chord of this digest will be the news that we have been waiting for a long time. One of the most popular cryptocurrency online resource Blockfolio added the «signal» ability about events related to Deex Exchange to the subscribers.

The most pleasant thing we leave in the end

The signals come directly from the app which is used by thousands of traders around the world. Don’t forget that BLockfolio also opens voting to add Deex in the list of exchanges. Join now and vote!

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