DEEX on conference in Switzerland


From 20th to 22th of June in the Swiss city of Zug a Crypto Valley Conference, which was attended by blockchain specialists from all over the world, was held. Unlike many major cryptoconferences, there were no big presentations and statements. During the three days of the event, the development professionals shared their experience with colleagues during numerous discussions and round tables. However, the scale of the event could be judged from the fact that all tickets to it were bought out long before the start, and finding a hotel in Zug turned out to be very difficult. Switzerland is a country in which high attention is paid to the development of digital financial systems and blockchain. Therefore, the guests and participants of the event were not only the developers, but also members of the Swiss government.

DEEX Exchange representatives did not stay away from the Crypto Valley Conference. Sergey Sevantsyan, one of the leading blockchain specialists and a member of the development team, told colleagues from different countries about the project of the main decentralized DEEX ecosystem and successfully established contacts with investors and representatives of large digital companies. Among them is Bitcoin Suisse, participated in the ICOs of Tezos, Bancor and many other projects. Cooperation with such companies leads us not only to development prospect, but also gives an opportunity to convey information about project to a huge audience. Meetings with blockchain projects from various countries were also held, and more close cooperation will begin with many of them in the near future.

Blockchain technology is following deeper into the most diverse spheres of financial and economic relations. Crypto Valley Conference and similar events combine efforts and knowledge of world experts in this field to achieve results that can be used by millions of crypto-enthusiasts. In the near future we will tell you about several more crypto events, which were attended by DEEX professionals.

Децентрализованная криптобиржа


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