DEEX released a new digest on the project development


The development of the main decentralized ecosystem continues. On August 31, DEEX published the second global update, which brings many new functionality and bug fixes.

New gateway to replenish exchange accounts using EOS tokens has been released. Despite its relative youth (EOS sales started in June 2017), this cryptocurrency is already included in TOP-10 of the most valuable digital assets in terms of market capitalization. Support and development of the Bitshares ecosystem is one of the most important priorities for DEEX in both short and long terms. Decentralized assets should be traded on decentralized platforms, so the launch of the EOS gateway is a logical step in the development of the project.

Two great project were listed on DEEX. First one is Firelotto, which is the world’s first fully decentralized lottery platform built on Ethereum and managed by smart contracts without any human intervention. The lottery prize funds exceed 1200 ETH, whereas FLOT tokens allow holders to receive a 10% commission from ticket sales and play lotteries as well.

The second one is the Lordmancer II project, an exciting mobile role-playing game in which one can earn real money. Lordmancer II uses the Lord Coin (LC) token for payments and trading between players and for selling unique game content. LC tokens can be brought into the game only by purchasing them on the market and can be withdrawn from the game and sold for cryptocurrency. Developers provide convenient mechanisms for buying and selling LC using fiat money. Gamers can trade with each other on the open gaming market, using the LC as a currency.

On August 23, DEEX spoke at the main crypto event of this summer – Crypto BBQ conference – in Berezy Park, Moscow. Guests and speakers at the event were representatives of the crypto industry from all over the world. The focus was on the principles of creating projects on blockchain, financial regulation, the risks of investing in ICOs in the near future. Among these and many other topics, the issues related to cryptocurrency exchange functioning and development was singled out, that is why DEEX could not ignore this conference. As a part of the panel discussion named “Crypto Exchanges in 2018. Market trends, experience, prospects” representatives of the major cryptocurrency ecosystems discussed the state and prospects of trading platforms, clearly indicating decentralization as the main factor and the main trend in the development of crypto exchanges.

DEEX also opened the gateway for NEM token, which is a token of Smart Asset blockchain. This is more than just a cryptocurrency associated with a data management platform. This is the easiest and most economical way to bring blockchain technology into the business. NEM or New Economy Movement is focused on commercial blockchain, which is currently used by financial institutions all around the world. The platform is unique for its short block generation time, proof-of-importance (POI) algorithm, and account ambiguity.

DEEX opened trades of ERC-20 token on the partnering websitesite – SteX cryptocurrency exchange. Purchase and replenishment of exchange accounts with the Deex token is available with the A2A (any-to-any) technology used on SteX exchange. Trade with Deex tokens can those owners who keep them on MEW accounts. In the near future DEEX plans to implement the conversion and withdrawal of tokens within the Bitshares blockchain to ERC-20.


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