DEEX spoke at CryptoBBQ


On 24th of August in Berezy Park, Moscow, DEEX spoke at the main crypto event of this summer – Crypto BBQ conference. Guests and speakers of the event were representatives of the crypto industry from all over the world.

The focus was on the principles of creating projects on blockchain, financial regulation, the risks of entering the ICO in the near future. Among these and many other topics, the issue of the functioning and development of crypto exchanges was singled out separately, that is why DEEX could not ignore this conference. As a part of the panel discussion named “Crypto Exchanges in 2018. Market trends, experience, prospects” representatives of the main crypto currency ecosystem discussed the state and prospects of trading platforms, clearly indicating decentralization as the main factor and the main trend in the development of crypto exchanges.

The main points for discussion were still important issues such as data security and user funds, monetization of trading platforms, methods of promotion and listing of tokens. Despite differences of opinion and approach, decentralized exchanges in general and DEEX in particular are superior in terms of security, speed and transparency in most critical parameters. And everyone who came to listen and take part in the discussion clearly agreed with this.

After talking with the guests and speakers of Crypto BBQ, among which there were our investors and participants of DEEX community, we were once again convinced that our main mission – to create a convenient and multifunctional cryptosystem – is developing according to the correct scenario.

Crypto community has shown its interest in the DEEX ecosystem, so we do not intend to stop. And together we can make it even better! Thanks to everyone who came to speak with us on Crypto BBQ! A small photo report from the event you will find in the gallery to this article.

Децентрализованная криптобиржа


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