DEEX token listing on Sistemkoin


In the life of the DEEX project an important event that became the starting point for the further development of the main decentralized ecosystem and all owners of the tokens has happened. We are pleased to announce the first listing of DEEX token was made in partnership with the Sistemkoin exchange.

Sistemkoin is an important player on the crypto area of Turkey and Europe. Also DEEX has a very active Turkish community, whose investments occupied a significant share in the ICO.

On the exchange the following trading pairs are presented: DEEX / BTC, DEEX / TRY, DEEX / CVCOIN

DEEX also appeared in the popular mobile cryptocurrency Blockfolio application.

The DEEX Token is an excellent investment tool which allows users to multiply their funds and successful high thier trading skills. In the near future we are planning to list on other exchanges.

Децентрализованная криптобиржа


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