Deex tokens distribution start


We begin the tokens transferring to the DEEX exchange accounts on Bitshares blockchain. If you have not registered an account yet and have not created Bitshares wallet, this should be done quickly. Before proceeding to this transferring, please make sure the balance of your personal account is correct and you have access to it.

Detailed instruction with the description of tokens transferring can be found via this link.

Please note, that the transferring is available ONLY for tokens purchased through the Personal Account. The transferring of tokens that were purchased through a smart contract will be carried out separately, through the gateway exchange for erc20 token to the deex tokens in the blockchain. For this purposes, a separate functionality and application will be implemented prior to the launch of the exchange this week.

Now the functionality of updating the investor’s personal account and databases is being implemented. After that, the functionality of tokens transferring will appear on the personal account’s interface.

Tokens transferring will start at 8:00 PM, Moscow Time.

If you’ll have any technical problems, please, inform us about it through the zendesk system.

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