ERC20 token DEEX/XAVIERA Trading Competition is ON


DEEX Exchange and Xaviera Solutions are pleased to announce a new XTS Trading Competition. We already wrote that Xaviera token is available for trading on Deex Exchange. And you have a great opportunity to get XTS tokens for free, just trading with them like you’re do everyday trading on Deex Exchange.

So, rules of this contest are the following.

1. After each week, a leaderboard will be posted via Deex and Xaviera social media platforms and official Telegram chats.

DEEX resources

2. Scores will be counted as buying power with the DEEX/BTC/ETH pairings of XTS on Deex Exchange –

3. Multiple accounts by same user will not qualify

4. If XTS price will be less than 200sat that will not count.

To get the reward you need to have the biggest trading volume in these pairs separately or in all of them.

To participate in this contest you need to fill this google form and write your Deex Exchange login below. Within two days (from 18 till 20 of March, 2019) we will collect the e-mails and will start the contest on 22th of March.


1st place receives 250.000 XTS

2nd place receives 150.000 XTS

3rd place receives 100.000 XTS

Trading competition will last from March 18 till March 31, 2019.

Децентрализованная криптобиржа


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