Do you need to list token on DEEX? There is nothing more simple


On 29th of August, Chinese exchange OKEx organized a meetup in Moscow for crypto enthusiasts. The hottest topic of debate was a process of listing on exchanges. The question raised by many projects and developers who are about to conduct their ICO: how to know that exchange is interested in a project, but not only in listing fees and “pump-and-dump” schemes?

Manipulations are nothing new in trading spheres, they are as old as the first exchange in Amsterdam established in the year 1602. Throughout the long history of exchanges and battle against fraud schemes, nothing changed as control and power over anything can corrupt even the noblest person. Laws against manipulators is like a game of cat and mouse as criminals can always find ways to scheme bypassing any regulation.

Pros of using DEX are known for everyone in the crypto sector as these features were outlined earlier this year in the debates of CEX drawing volumes on their platform. Such thing is infeasible to accomplish as every single transaction has to be recorded on the blockchain. One of the other inefficiencies as front-run trading is also impossible to accomplish on decentralized exchanges.

One of the other significant topics is requirements imposed for listing. DEEX Exchange individually considers each listing request after thorough analytical research and if a project shows highly competent developer team, solves global inefficiencies and has clear use case, DEEX team can help developers by charging zero fee for listing. Please, feel free to complete our listing gorm – and we will help to become a part of the main decentralized ecosystem.

Децентрализованная криптобиржа


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