From 2nd to 3rd of May, the Future Blockchain Summit was held in Dubai


The digital world has no boundaries. The fast grow of the blockchain technology which began in 2009 after the first crypto currency – bitcoin, continues to this day. Most experts agree that the biggest “discoveries” in this area are still ahead, therefore, market professionals need to be constantly in touch to expand the areas of application of technology and exchange of experience.

From 2nd to 3rd of May, the Future Blockchain Summit was held in Dubai. Participation in this forum was accepted not only by experts of the blockchain industry, but also by representatives of the UAE’s state structures, one of the first countries to introduce digital technologies into the country’s economic sectors. The DEEX decentralized ecosystem is increasing its presence in various parts of the world, therefore communication with representatives of companies developing blockchain-based projects is a very important stage in our development.

Sergey Sevantsyan, one of the leading experts in the field of development of blockchain technology and the member of DEEX development team, visited Dubai and was able to communicate with colleagues and tell about the main decentralized ecosystem, in the creation of which he is directly involved. The project aroused interest among participants from different countries of the world, allowing to find partners with whom DEEX will develop and realize the unique functionality of the DEEX decentralized platform.

In our gallery you will also find a small photo-report from the scene. Stay in touch and follow our news via social networks and blogs. In the near future, you will find reports from other important events related to blockchain industry.

Децентрализованная криптобиржа


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