Grand Event with a $1,000,000 prize pool on

trx, blockchain casino, 888 casino

We all dream dream to hit jackpot at least once in our live! What if we told you that in three days everyone who reads this text will have a chance to become a millionaire?! ONE MILLION DOLLARS here and now! Your million!

November 11th on the the event with the largest prize pool (50 000 000 TRX ) in the history of blockchain games will start! is not just the biggest online casino. It’s also the most honest and transparent platform for earning. In just 9 months more than 18 millions of bets were made and the total amount of payments on winnings and dividends amounted to more than 12 millions of TRX.

trx, blockchain casino, 888 casino

Any user of can become a millionaire. All you need is just to play games. During the game you will mine 888 tokens which are used to receive dividends and exchange for lottery tickets, giving the right to participate in this Grand Event! In addition, you can always purchase 888 digital currency on the Deex Exchange.

trx, blockchain casino, 888 casino

888 tokens are a very rare type of digital coins. They will be only 100 million, and at the moment only about 22% of coins are mined! On the eve of the action, they fly like hot cakes! So, you have to hurry, because the time is running out! Have time to jump into this boat! After a successful drawing of 50 million TRX starts even more cooler event! And it will be at stake for 100 million TRX!

Mark November 11th in your calendar because this date may become the beginning of your new life. A life in which you can be more than just one of the winners. Luck always accompanies the brave ones. You’ll have the courage to take this challenge, we have no doubt.

November 11th, 2019! Stay in touch and be sure to follow our announcements in the official telegram group.

See you at!

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