Happy Labor Day and great prizes from Deex!


The end of April was one of the most intense and productive periods in the life of the main decentralized Deex ecosystem. In this digest we have prepared an overview of the main events that all deex participants need to know about.

On 25th -26th of April in Minsk hosted a conference dedicated to the development of blockchain games and blockchain-based gaming platforms. Participation in Crypto Games Conference has become an important and very productive event. During 2 exhibition days we held several important meetings and agreed on the introduction of game services in the Deex ecosystem. We are confident that this will help our users, the owners of the deex token, to use more actively the blockchain capabilities and make the project of the main decentralized ecosystem even more profitable and functional. Read more in our review.

As you already know, Deex regularly participate in partner webinars, which introduces everyone who needs to improve the level of knowledge with the peculiarities of the blockchain systems and the basics of trading on crypto exchanges. This time the experts and speakers of the webinar has become Maya Hess, the head of the Deex crypto fund, an exceptional professional in the field of digital finance. Maya’s story about the work of trading systems and the situation on the cryptocurrency market is recommended for viewing by everyone, regardless of experience. A record of this webinar is available here.

4 years ago, the launch of the Steem blockchain platform took place! It is a leading decentralized media network where authors are rewarded for creating content. The token of this project has long appeared on Deex Exchange and the blockchain Steemit resource is an excellent source for us to inform the community of crypto-enthusiasts about the Deex’ events! In honor of this date, we launched a competition with great prizes. Read more about what you need to do and how to get the award here.

Deex Exchange guarantees safe and secure storage of your digital funds. The decentralized Deex ecosystem guarantees the transparency of transactions and convenient functionality for profitable trading. Do you want to become a part of a decentralized future today? Join the Deex now!

Децентрализованная криптобиржа


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