Happy Women’s Day, Dear blockchain ladies


DEEX team congratulates you with the holiday, which, perhaps, can be considered as the most gentle and most important among all the dates of the calendar. On March 8, men do not just pay respect and love to the most precious thing in their life.

You are the guardians of the hearth, caring mothers, and we are infinitely grateful to you simply for what you are in our lifes. All our accomplishments and deeds are done with just one goal — to fill your life with joy and light.

We know that in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world of there are not many ladies, and therefore each of you is valuable to us especially. In this tough and unpredictable world, ruled by a cold calculation and iron endurance — you are our main pier, to which we aspire in short intervals between growth and fall.

So, please hold your beautiful and tendernes, and we promise that we will continue to please you, proudly carrying a flag with one single inscription: For you, our dear and beloved women.

Happy Women’s Day, Dear blockchain ladies!

Децентрализованная криптобиржа


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