DEEX integrated QIWI, Monero, Cryptonomica


Today we are happy to share three great news! We have opened a gateway to replenish accounts with through the popular Qiwi payment system and added two new tokens to the exchange platform: Monero and Cryptonomica.

Qiwi is familiar almost to everyone who uses the replenishment of digital wallets, money transfers and payment services. The service has established itself only from the best side and it is used daily by millions of people not only in Russia but also in the CIS and some foreign countries, including Turkey, where one of the most active DEEX community is located.


IMPORTANT! Currently, only wallets with the Russian operators numbers (+7 xxx) are supported. When carrying out operations with Qiwi you get a Deposit wallet, which you need to replenish within 30 minutes! The minimum amount for replenishment of account is 5000 Russian rubles. The maximum amount is 50000 Russian rubles.


Monero is the most anonymous cryptocurrency. Monero has an unprecedented level of anonymity of transactions, that is very important for decentralized systems. DEEX will continue to add assets to the platform, which ideas coincide with the principles of decentralization and protection of users from outside. And soon we will launch stealth transactions! By the way, DEEX is the only Exchange within the Bitshares blockchain where the Monero gateway is integrated.

DEEX continues to actively connect the most promising ERC-20 tokens. Cryptonomica is a project that verifies the identity of users using a global blockchain database. The digital keys used by the users of this system allow them to carry out secure transactions and sign electronic documents that have legal force in many countries of the world. Interview with the leading developer of the project, see on our Youtube channel – Soon we will introduce KYC mechanisms from Cryptonomica, as well as the tools for secure transactions on the blockchain with the escrow and smart contracts.

Децентрализованная криптобиржа


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