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We are informing you about the latest actual status of work on the DEEX project. The development team completes the work on the gateways for the main crypto currencies, builds the server infrastructure. Also the work on the corporate style and usability of the project is in progress.

As a part of the functionality implementation of the decentralized financial DEEX ecosystem, the project developers continue to realize useful tools that will form the basis for building a highly efficient crypto exchange platform. As we reported earlier, the DEEX system will include a decentralized messenger and a place for ICO conduction. The first step in the implementation of these tasks is ( – a message aggregator that use the most popular instant messengers.

It’s an important tool for comunication between members of the DEEX ecosystem. It still has to become a single point of entry into the DEEX system and now you can evaluate the convenience of a universal solution for communicating through habitual messengers and social networks. Come on and communicate in the familiar environment. Questions about the functioning and operation of the project can be asked through the Viber and Telegram messengers, as well as using authorization from social networks VK, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The number of available entry points will be expanded and supplemented.

The actions of the supervisory authorities regarding the functioning of the most popular Telegram messenger, as we see, have already led to a deterioration of communications in the crypto community environment. That’s why the issue of creating a decentralized messenger now is more relevant than ever. That is why our own decentralized messenger will soon release.

We also draw your attention to the fact that the technical support of DEEX moves to the ticketing system and will operate through the technical tasks portal Requests are accepted from users of the system and after processing and solving the existing technical problem you will receive an appropriate notification with the status of the current issue and comments of a technical specialist.

Such a system will allow us to solve the incoming questions more quickly and with higher quality. You can be sure that no request will be left without attention. With the launch of the this processing system the Telegram chat (@deexbug) will stop working and technical issues will not be considered through this channel.

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