Listing of Artex token on DEEX


We are pleased to announce about the listing of Artex Global token on DEEX Exchange. Artex Global is a unique blockchain project, which cooperation with DEEX we recently reported about. It’s a world-class development, a symbiosis of creativity and modern technologies.


Listing of the Artex project tokens is the first step to expanding the services for listing of erc-20 tokens. Previously, we successfully tested interblockional atomic swaps an for our own token, now we are launching a mass program for listing erc-20 tokens of the most interesting projects. Now for such projects it doesn’t make sense to seek listing on large and well-promoted exchanges, since it is fraught with losses of funds and removal from trading lists in the future due to sanctions and hard regulation actions for centralized crypto exchanges. Deex is a real help and salvation for such projects.

Deex supports and will support promising developments in which blockchain technology is applicable practicaly and can benefit the entire community. Artex is such a project. This fall we plan to bring the project to a large-scale ICO, which will bring an additional liquidity to DEEX and increase profit for all tokenholders.

More information about the project Artex you’ll find by watching the video on our YouTube channel

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Децентрализованная криптобиржа


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