Listing of CBEX token on Deex Exchange


Recently on DEEX Exchange a new CBEX (Cryptobexchange) token was listed. Celebrating this event CBEX team salutes all participiants with a special trading competition.

1.Campaign will take part between 01th of April and 15th of June.

2. The all of the fees which are taken by will be paid after campaign ends as CBEX TOKEN (Parity is not important while making trade)

3. The investors who take part in top 10 by making trade with CBEX will be rewarded as following:

  • 1st Trader: 500k CBEX
  • 2nd Trader: 250k CBEX
  • 3rd Trader: 100 k CBEX
  • From 4th to10th Traders: 50k CBEX will be awarded

4. We will evaluate the campaign in this formulation:

The CBEX you buy – The CBEX you sell = the remaining amount

Whenever we reach the quantity of 5 btc sold CBEX TOKEN we will pay to our CBEX holders 1 btc DEEX TOKEN by buying from DEEX.Exсhange. And this campaign will go on to end of 2019. So, when we reach 10 btc sold CBEX TOKEN we will pay 1 btc DEEX TOKEN for the second time to CBEX holders and it will go on at the end of 2019. Hurry guys, do not be late! For all 5 btc cbex that is sold we will pay 1 btc DEEX TOKEN! Keep in touch and go on following us guys. We are a big family with DEEX and CBEX.

Децентрализованная криптобиржа


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