Listing of Firelotto token on DEEX


We are glad to inform you about the expansion of the trading assets of the DEEX exchange. A new project, which token is available for trading, becomes the Firelotto, skillfully applying blockchain technology in real life. This is the world’s first fully decentralized lottery platform built on Ethereum, managed by smart contracts without any human intervention.

The lottery prize funds exceed 1200 ETH, and the FLOT tokens allow holders to receive a 10% commission from ticket sales and to play in lotteries as well. The Firelotto token will not only be traded on the exchange. The project and its technological developments will also be integrated into the DEEX ecosystem. In order to acquaint you with Firelotto in detail, we made a video interview with the head of the development team. Watch it on our youtube channel.

Play, trade and get profit.

Together with DEEX and Firelotto!

Децентрализованная криптобиржа


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