Listing of SubSudio token on Deex Exchange


Expansion of the Deex trading functionality continues. So, today we are pleased to announce the listing of a new ERC-20 SUBS token. This digital currency created by a SubSudio team, the developers of multifunctional Internet projects.

BitTube browser allowing to monetize traffic from web pages, SubSudio Search engine working with artificial intelligence and many other useful developments… In SubSudio’s portfolio you’ll find many interesting projects. All the necessary information can be found on the official website.

SUBS token that became available for trading on Deex Exchange, is the main coin of the ecosystem developed by SubSudio. Like Bitcoin, SUBS has a limited supply of 21 million digital coins.

Deex Exchange is one of the first exchanges where SUBS is listed. You can trade with it in all available pairs. Join now, trade and get profit. Along with Deex and SUBS!

Децентрализованная криптобиржа


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