Listing of two new tokens (SteX and Ice Rock Mining) оn Deex


We are happy to anounce the expansion of trading functionality of DEEX exchange. The number of assets available for trading has been replenished with several new tokens.

The first is the token of SteX cryptocurrency exchange, cooperation with which we have previously anounced. Mutual listing between DEEX and SteX will allow traders of both platforms to use deex and STE tokens for operations. The deex token is the main asset of the DEEX cryptocurrency ecosystem and allows its holders not only to trade in pairs with popular cryptocurrencies, but also to get profit from ownership. A2A (Any-2-Any) technology used in the operation of the SteX token exchange, allows you to trade any cryptocurrency from the list of TOP-100 and exchange any assets with a single action. Placing the deex token on the SteX platform will increase liquidity and trading volumes, which will have a positive impact on the value of the asset.

Another token, which was listed on the DEEX exchange, has become the token of the Ice Rock Mining project, offering users to earn on the mining of cryptocurrencies. The project allows owners of this token to obtain a steady income with transparent system of distribution of profit between holders of the asset.

In the near future we plan to increase the number of cryptocurrencies available for trading.

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